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Proven processes built on disciplined research and global insight.

At William Blair, we are passionate about the profession of investment management. We are an independent, 100% active employee-owned firm with no distractions from our sole priority: creating strong, risk-adjusted returns for our clients.

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Searching for quality, we focus on durability, which is the company’s ability to sustainably create value over an extended period.

Our Tommy Sternberg, CFA, discusses how advancement in the understanding of genetics has jumpstarted opportunities to treat patients in a more personalized way.

After maintaining a relatively low-risk profile, the William Blair Dynamic Allocation Strategies team is assessing where it can go on the offensive.

We believe public fixed-income investors can engage meaningfully with companies as stewards in sustainability-focused investing strategies.

Curious what top economic trends to watch for in the future? We sit down with Patrick Foulis, business affairs editor for The Economist, to find out.

While equal risk contribution is just one of many options for constructing investment portfolios, it offers the opportunity to control volatility risk and, in doing so, improve risk-adjusted returns.